PIANO ROLL COVERS is a software developed by Pattern Cinco SAS. It is a quick and very simple method to learn how to play the piano with the songs that the user prefers. In the software, you can choose between horizontal piano roll, vertical or music sheets. The horizontal piano roll is the method of bars used in all music production softwares, such as Protools, Cubase, Reason, Live, etc...

PIANO ROLL COVERS teaches by playing levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). With the beginner, you learn the melody of the song which is played with only the right hand; in the intermediate level, you learn the same melody with a very simple bass; and in the advanced level, you learn the complete song. You can also start the song from any point and mark ranges to make loops and practice it in parts.

With PIANO ROLL COVERS you can activate the lyrics of the song with a button, which will help to locate the user in both the piano roll and the music sheet. There are 3 levels of complexity in the same song and 4 speeds for each level. Example: We have SUPER SLOW, SLOW, MIDDLE, AND NORMAL. As our learning is based on repetition; there is no voice over that can distract you.

With PIANO ROLL COVERS you should practice a song several times, that's why the software guides you in the most practical and enjoyable way, but it requires your attitude and discipline to learn the songs you want to learn. If you are a music producer or want to be one, PIANO ROLL COVERS is the method to learn how to play the piano, and if you are a beginner do not worry, with PIANO ROLL COVERS you will be so entertained studying the songs that you like, that in less than what you thought, you will be playing your own repertory.

One of the advantages of PIANO ROLL COVERS, is that it lets you save your session as far as you've learned, so you can check your progress. Additionally, with PIANO ROLL COVERS you study the melody of the song and in the slow or super slow level the sound is not going to be distorted.

We have several additional helps that will make learning very pleasant, because you can choose 2 types of color on your screen, we have the name of the notes, the lyrics of the song, the numbers on the fingers, the chords, and a metronome so you can easily locate yourself on the screen and follow the song.

PIANO ROLL COVERS takes you to a new level, from scratch, to wherever you want to go!