Tomas Johnson:

"I love it! I love salsa and now I can play it in piano!"

Ann Marie:

"It is funny an easy to learn. I'm still in the beginners level, but I know that if I keep practicing, I'll be an expert in no time."

John Joseph:

"It's fun and easy. I love it."

Valentina Moss:

"I have played piano since I was 10 years old and this method has helped me to significantly improve my skills. At first I did not understand how to use it, but after watching the tutorials, it became very easy."

Tejas Ashara:

"What I liked the most is the wide variety of songs to choose from, although I would like more Classic Rock."

Roberto Colombo:

"I found it useful and I love being able to choose the background, since I get tired easily of the same color, I keep changing them with the days and it works perfect for me. I have also learned to use the piano roll and I understand the music sheets as I study."

Johan Sebastian:

"It is an amazing experience. I can't stop using it."